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About Us

“Aloha Grown is not just a business it’s a movement.”

Aloha Grown was born out of the desire to make a difference in the environmental, economic and social sustainability of Hawai‘i. We use fashion and media to encourage a lifestyle, culture and mindset of sustainability. Aloha Grown’s mission is to:

Support Local.  Sustain the ‘Aina.  Share the Aloha.

Support Local. Aloha Grown carries out its firm commitment to support local businesses and organizations by featuring and promoting Big Island farmers and producers, both online and in-store. The Aloha Grown website features the unique stories of various local organizations, and their delicious lotions, cookies, coffees and jellies are sold alongside Aloha Grown merchandise in-store.

Sustain the Aina. Aloha Grown strives to preserve our beautiful island home because the land is what nourishes, supports, and provides for us. Buying Aloha Grown merchandise helps sustain our ‘aina with the Malama Honua Fund. Two percent of every sale goes to support local nonprofits, schools, organizations and initiatives with similar sustainability missions.

Share the Aloha. Aloha Grown understands that the aloha spirit is what makes living in Hawai‘i special and unique. “Aloha” is not just a word or salutation; it’s the unspoken feeling of mutual acceptance and love for each other’s culture, history and beliefs. It’s a way of life in Hawai‘i and that’s why we ask everyone to“live Aloha Grown!”

“Join the backyard revolution.”

Aloha Grown works with other organizations and businesses committed to the same goals by promoting, supporting and collaborating.  Food and energy security is important to Hawai‘i’s people—communities, businesses and organizations are rapidly creating new opportunities that help creatively move us towards greater sustainability.

We believe that inspiring the next generation of farmers and ranchers is particularly important in order to keep our agricultural industry vibrant.

As we contemplate and pursue further diversified economic development, the environment and culture need to be the filters we use to ensure that the Hawai‘i we enjoy today remains the Hawai‘i our children and grandchildren enjoy in the future.

We believe that environmental, economic and social sustainability can best be achieved through a collaborative, grass roots approach…that is why we ask you to “join the backyard revolution” where together we can make a difference.